History at KS3

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) we study the following topics over 2hrs in Y7, 4hrs in Y8 and 3hrs in Y9 per fortnight:

Y7 – Autumn Term; the Tollund Man, the Battle of Hastings and Castles, the Romans

Y7 – Spring Term; Attacking & Defending Castles, how and why they changed over time and Medieval life in Britain.

Y7 – Summer Term; the Magna Carta, King John, the rivalry between the Church and Henry II, including the murder of Thomas Becket and finally the Black Death.

Y8 – Autumn Term; the Wars of the Roses, Tudor Britain and Witchcraft.

Y8 – Spring Term; Stuart Britain, including the Gunpowder Plot and the English Civil War.

Y8 – Summer Term; the Age of Empire and Exploration and the Industrial Revolution, the French Revolution and the history of the Black Peoples of North America.

Y9 – Autumn Term; the start of the Great War 1914-18.

Y9 – Spring Term; the course of the Great War 1916-18, the uneasy peace and the inter war years and the causes of World War Two 1939-45 (which includes some in depth study of the Holocaust).

Y9 Summer Term; the Cold War followed by beginning the GCSE depth study of Medicine Through Time during WWI in the last half-term.