Whole Year Photos
Year 11 and Sixth form whole year photographs are being taken on Tuesday 14th April, Sixth form period 1 and Year 11 period 2.

Year 9 Assessment
Year 9 assessment fortnight starts on Wednesday 22nd April.



All parents and carers are invited to attend our parents’ forum which meets after school 2 – 3 times per year. These meetings with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors are a really valuable opportunity for consultation and discussion about a variety of school issues.

Members of the forum are welcome to suggest agenda items on any topic which is of general interest but we do not discuss any issues or complaints relating to individual students.  The forum is not a fixed group and parents are not asked to participate in other activities such as fund-raising etc.

The full Minutes of the last meeting held on 24th February are available to read on the website (or follow this link). However, below are some extracts from the notes of the last meeting:  if you have any comments or questions relating to these, please contact Mrs S Tottman, in the first instance. (email:stottman@imberhorne.co.uk)

Length of the School Day
Mr Brown outlined the existing timings of the school day, noting that the requirement to commute between sites at morning break placed unacceptable pressure on staff and could be detrimental to lessons.  After receiving feedback from staff, he was proposing that the school day commence 5 minutes earlier, at 8.40am.  This would allow a longer (25 minute) morning break which should make commuting much less stressful for staff. As this was a very minor change, there would not need to be any change to the morning school transport arrangements.

Mr Brown then explained that he was reviewing the scheduling of on-going professional development for staff and observed that this inevitably tended to take place at the end of the school day when staff  were tired. He was exploring ways that professional development could take place during the school day but without the loss of teaching time, possibly by making small adjustments to a normal day.
Members of the forum were concerned that a possible early finish for students in such circumstances caused considerable difficulties for some working parents of younger students or those whose students could not make their own way home at the end of the day.

Homework and E-Learning.
In the course of discussion the following points were raised:

  • The ability to monitor homework online was very useful although, on occasions, homework   instructions were a little imprecise.
  • Homework due dates were not always updated, particularly when students had been given an extension.
  • Where students were directed to use the internet it was important that this was purposeful. Ideally the objective of the task would be indicated when the homework was set.

Mr Brown undertook to address these concerns in discussion with Leaders of Learning.

Parents’ Voice
Mr Brown reported that he was exploring ways to broaden opportunities for parents’ voice and invited members of the forum to suggest ways of improving the flow of information between the school and parents. He would also be reviewing the level of empowerment offered by the Student council.

The following suggestions were made:

  • Establish an on-line questionnaire to give parents the opportunity to raise issues.
  • Provide suggestions boxes, particularly for sixth form students.
  • Include extracts from the Parents’ Forum minutes on the Web site with an invitation to parents to submit their comments on any items of interest.
  • Make use of an Imberhorne Twitter account/ wiki space.
  • Improve the way students are kept informed of school related matters.


We are delighted to be able to share recently published  information from the School Performance Tables with parents.  We are very proud of the many wonderful achievements of our students and pleased that so many have been able to use their impressive academic performance to help them take the next step on their educational journey.

Many will be aware that there were considerable changes made to examinations last year and, very importantly, to the way they are counted by the Department for Education (DfE) with numerous discounting rules that make some published information very difficult to interpret.  This was recognised by the DfE themselves warning that the results in 2014 were difficult to compare with other years.  The changes made to counting qualifications in these tables do not reflect the students’ actual results.  We have therefore chosen to publish the School Performance Tables here  - we believe that the results shown in these tables accurately portray our students' achievements.

We are committed to putting students’ needs first and this has always underpinned our philosophy as a school.  We ensure that our curriculum offers the most appropriate programmes of study for our students placing their future progress and achievement above all else.


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We would respectfully like to remind parents that the balance outstanding for the above trip is due on or before the 10th April by Parentpay to allow us to pay for transport and accommodation costs. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Jill Botting/Mrs Heidi Willie on 01342 323562.

The parents briefing will be held on Wednesday 3rd June at 7.00 pm at Windmill Lane to discuss final details.



Year 11 students will soon be starting their GCSE exams and study leave. Please see this letter for full details about study leave, and follow this link for a general revision guide.



Wednesday 15th April 2015
7.30pm - 8.30pm

Imberhorne Lane

This evening will provide you with some information on a variety of issues, pertinent to the final weeks year 11 students' compulsory education at Imberhorne School.

The evening will focus on revision strategies, techniques and timetables for the forthcoming GCSE examinations, the aim being to look at the ways we can work together to enable the students to fulfil their potential. Further to this, we will also provide details of the forthcoming 'Graduation Evening' and 'The Boat Party'.

There will also be information about admission to the 6th Form including support, post results, in August.

After the 'formal' part of the evening, members of the Senior Leadership Team and the Head of Year will be available for you to discuss any issues or offer advice during this final period of Key Stage 4.



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The second session will take place at Windmill Lane on Wednesday 15th April 2015.

When attending this programme please ensure that your daughter has had breakfast that morning and any missed session will be caught up at the Community Health Clinic.



We encourage our students to stay in touch with us after leaving Imberhorne, where they go and what they go onto achieve is of great interest to us and becomes an inspiration to others

In recent weeks we have heard from three ex-students who are all undertaking different challenges... Click here to read about them!



Financial Support from the school

The school receives dedicated additional funding to support the education and welfare of disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

Some of this funding is used to provide additional staffing that supports the learning, progress and wellbeing of these students.

The funding is also used to provide a range of financial support that may include:

  • Help to meet the cost of school trips
  • Help to meet the cost of learning resources, such as revision guides and text books
  • Help to meet the cost of uniform
  • Help to meet the cost of different types of tuition (music tuition, learning support etc.)

Largely the funding is directed towards students in receipt of free school meals, or those who have previously been eligible for free school meals. We do however look at each case or request independently.

If you think you need such support please contact us in confidence. In the first instance please contact our school Bursar, Mrs J Cooper either by telephone, through the main school switchboard, or by email – jcooper@imberhorne.co.uk



Lessons are available on a wide variety of instruments during the school day at Imberhorne. For drums, piano, and guitar lessons fill out the school application form and for singing, brass, woodwind, strings and guitar go through the West Sussex Music. Please note that guitar is taught both by our school teacher and through county.
If you would like your son or daughter to have lessons see this letter for full details.



Our aim is to ensure the personal, social and educational integration of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) so that they receive a broad and balanced curriculum. We address the needs of all students in order for them to achieve their full potential.  There is therefore a need to provide a curriculum and support appropriate for all. 

Please see the attached document here to find out more about SEN provision in the school, and here to see the West Sussex Local Offer leaflet.



Please note that the school entrance from Dorset Avenue is only intended for pedestrian access.  We cannot accommodate cars being parked in this road since it causes real congestion and has a significant impact on local residents.

We are requesting that our community police officer visits Dorset Avenue at the beginning and end of the school day to help ensure that the entrance is kept free of congestion.

Friday, 3rd April
Good Friday
Sunday, 5th April
Easter Sunday
Monday, 6th April
Easter Monday


If you have any unwanted football boots or trainers the KS3 P.E. Department would be very grateful for them.



Please note the following dates for your diary:

For students from: Copthorne, Crawley Down, Baldwins Hill, Felbridge, Halsford Park, St Mary's, St Peter's, Turners Hill, West Hoathly, Burstow, Lingfield, The Meads and Dormansland –
Parents' Briefing Evening on Thursday 11th June 2015 at Windmill Lane (parents only)

For students from all other schools:
Briefing for parents and students on Monday 15th June 2015 at Windmill Lane at 9.00am to 10.30am

For ALL students:
Induction Day on Friday 10th July 2015



Spring Term 2015
Monday 5th January - Friday 27th March
INSET Day: Friday 13th February
Half term: Monday 16th February - Friday 20th February

Summer Term 2015
Monday 13th April - Wednesday 22nd July
INSET Day: Monday 20th April
Half term: Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May



If you wish to enquire about the hire of our facilities please contact Jan Kirby by email, on jkirby@imberhorne.co.uk, or in person on a Monday between 8am and 3pm or Wednesday between 8am and 4pm.



The ‘Doddle’ website provides curriculum resources to students in all Key Stages.
You can find a link to it under the 'Students' tab above.



Use this CEOP link if you are:

a student suffering cyberbullying or on-line exploitation
a parent/carer or teacher wanting information and resources
anyone needing to report abuse.

CEOP (Child Exploitation and On-line Protection), is the country's leading organisation dealing with child exploitation and on-line bullying.



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