In February 2015, West Sussex County Council will set its budget for the forthcoming year. They want to make sure the budget reflects what is important to the 800,000 residents that WSCC works for and provides services to. To do that, they have launched a county-wide consultation called 'What Matters To You?'.

If you live in West Sussex, you are invited to give your views and help to shape the 2015/16 budget. What matters most to you when it comes to the services that you want your council tax spent on? And how much council tax are you willing to pay to fund them? You can find out more by following this link to the West Sussex website and you can complete the survey here.

Paper copies are also available at County Council libraries. The 'What Matters to You?' consultation runs until Sunday 12 October 2014.



Financial Support from the school

The school receives dedicated additional funding to support the education and welfare of disadvantaged and vulnerable students.

Some of this funding is used to provide additional staffing that supports the learning, progress and wellbeing of these students.

The funding is also used to provide a range of financial support that may include:

  • Help to meet the cost of school trips
  • Help to meet the cost of learning resources, such as revision guides and text books
  • Help to meet the cost of uniform
  • Help to meet the cost of different types of tuition (music tuition, learning support etc.)

Largely the funding is directed towards students in receipt of free school meals, or those who have previously been eligible for free school meals. We do however look at each case or request independently.

If you think you need such support please contact us in confidence. In the first instance please contact our school Bursar, Mrs J Cooper either by telephone, through the main school switchboard, or by email –



We value open communication with parents and use a range of different methods to communicate as effectively as we can.  This website contains detailed information about the school and its operations, generally most information will be posted here, including all letters that are sent home.

All formal communication about events, trips and activities are communicated in writing; this information will either be posted or sent home with students.  In addition we also email the content of these letters to parents.

Finally we use Twitter and Facebook to post urgent information, knowing that Facebook content is actively ‘pushed out’ to subscribers means we can usually be confident that such messages are disseminated quickly.  Facebook is particularly well suited to celebrating achievements, we therefore also use it to share images of school events, trips and activities, we find that this is much appreciated by students and parents.

For full details of our communications policy see this link.

  Sport Relief - 21st March 2014  
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Year 10 students will be taking part in Community Action in October. For full details see this letter and click here for the Placement Form.



Information and Consent forms are going to all Year 8 Girls this week and we would ask that replies are brought back by Friday 3rd October 2014 and placed in the green tray in Mrs Cook's office.

Any Year 9 students who missed either part or the whole programme last year will also be contacted to offer the vaccination.

The first session will take place at Windmill Lane on Wednesday 22nd October 2014.
The second session will take place at Windmill Lane on Wednesday 16th April 2015.

When attending this programme please ensure that your daughter has had breakfast that morning and any missed session will be caught up at the Community Health Clinic.



The Imberski 2015 Parents Evening (for both parents and students) is on Wednesday 8th October 2014, commencing at 6.00pm in Windmill Lane Main hall.

For full details see this letter.



Please find here a letter distributed to parents in about our plans for developing e-learning at the school.  These issues will be further discussed with parents in the Autumn Term.



Please note that the school entrance from Dorset Avenue is only intended for pedestrian access.  We cannot accommodate cars being parked in this road since it causes real congestion and has a significant impact on local residents.

We are requesting that our community police officer visits Dorset Avenue at the beginning and end of the school day to help ensure that the entrance is kept free of congestion.



Lessons are available on a wide variety of instruments during the school day at Imberhorne. For drums, piano, and guitar lessons fill out the school application form and for singing, brass, woodwind, strings and guitar go through the West Sussex Music Trust. Please note that guitar is taught both by our school teacher and through county.
If you would like your son or daughter to have lessons see this letter for full details.
Follow this link for the WSCC Application Form and this one for the regulations and conditions covering group lessons.



Our aim is to ensure the personal, social and educational integration of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) so that they receive a broad and balanced curriculum. We address the needs of all students in order for them to achieve their full potential.  There is therefore a need to provide a curriculum and support appropriate for all. 

Please see the attached document here to find out more about SEN provision in the school.



Thursday, 2nd October
IGCSE English S & L assessment
Swedish exchange
Friday, 3rd October
IGCSE English S & L assessment
Swedish exchange
Year 10 CoPE camping trip
Saturday, 4th October
Swedish exchange
Year 10 CoPE camping trip
Sunday, 5th October
Swedish exchange
Monday, 6th October
IGCSE English S & L assessment
Year 12 Media trip (voc)
Swedish exchange
Student council p.1 and p.2
Tuesday, 7th October
IGCSE English S & L assessment
Swedish exchange
Wednesday, 8th October
Year 13 Theatre Studies trip to The Globe All Day
Primary school language workshop (9-12)
IGCSE English S & L assessment
Swedish exchange
Parents' ski meeting


The new programme is out!

See the Extended Schools page under the 'Students' tab for details or follow this link.



Monday 6th
Years 9a and 9b Football v LND (H)
Tuesday 7th
Year 9 a & b Netball at Imberhorne 3.30 start
Wednesday 8th
Years 7a and 8a Football v LND (A)
Year 9 Rugby Tournament at Oathall
Year 7 Netball Tournament at St. Pauls 4pm start
Thursday 9th
Adam Dabell Memorial Match at East Grinstead. Old Boys KO 6.30pm then 6th Form KO 7.45pm.
Inter-form Cross Country
Sunday 12th
Year 7 & 8 Cross Country at East Court



Autumn Term 2014
Thursday 4th September - Friday 19th December
INSET Day: Wednesday 24th September
Half term: Monday 27th October - Friday 31st October
INSET Day: Monday 1st December

Spring Term 2015
Monday 5th January - Friday 27th March
INSET Day: Friday 13th February
Half term: Monday 16th February - Friday 20th February

Summer Term 2015
Monday 13th April - Wednesday 22nd July
INSET Day: Monday 20th April
Half term: Monday 25th May - Friday 29th May



If you wish to enquire about the hire of our facilities please contact Jan Kirby by email, on, by telephone on  01342 310982 or in person on a Monday between 8am and 3pm or Wednesday between 8am and 4pm.
Alternatively, contact can be made on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, between 9am and 10am only, on 01342 310982.  Term Time only.



The ‘Doddle’ website provides curriculum resources to students in all Key Stages.
You can find a link to it under the 'Students' tab above.



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