Community Support

Imberhorne School are proud of the remarkable fundraising efforts made between staff and students. For example, the charity Jeans for Genes gave us 'Denim Doner' status for raising an extraordinary £19,900 for the charity since 1999. 

Non-Uniform Days
Charitable fundraising is a regular activity for our students and staff. Five non-uniform days are scheduled during the school year, each one supporting a charity chosen by our Senior Students. Our students are invited to wear non-uniform on these days in return for a voluntary donation of £2.00.

Non-Uniform Days 2018-2019:

21st September - Jeans for Genes £2149.08

16th November - Children in Need £4452.54

25th January -  St Catherine's Hospice & Imberhorne Student Voice projects £1805.32

15th March - Comic Relief £2194.23

3rd May - Young Epilepsy & Imberhorne Student Voice projects £2805.00


Non-Uniform Days for 2017 - 2018 were:

22nd September - Jeans for Genes - £2159.56

17th November - Children in Need - £4800.22

26th January - St Catherine's Hospice - £2022.57

23rd March - Comic Relief £2197.85

15th June - Mind £1876.54