The benefits of modern communications technology are enormous - but instant communication comes with drawbacks as well.

Something posted on a social networking site can be shared around the world in a matter of minutes - amusing if it's a cat on a skateboard, perhaps not so much if you're the subject...

CEOP (Child Exploitation and On-line Protection) is the country's leading organisation dealing with child exploitation and online bullying. Their ThinkUKnow website is a great starting place for anyone concerned about eSafety, whether you are:

  • a student suffering cyberbullying or on-line exploitation
  • a parent/carer or teacher wanting information and resources
  • anyone needing to report abuse

Worried about something that's happened online?

Should you encounter something online that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried the best thing you can do is to talk to an adult about it - talk to whoever you feel most comfortable talking to - a parent, a member of school staff. CEOP offer advice on who to talk to - and what to do next if you're an adult the young person is talking to - at

Should you encounter something online that concerns you in school please alert our I.T. Support team by using the "Report a Fault" icon on the desktop - they will pursue the matter on your behalf.

Text/Instant Messaging Safety

We have produced a guide to some of the dangers of instant mobile communications which is available to download below.