Exam Results

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We are delighted with our 2018 GCSE and A Level results. We are very proud of the many wonderful achievements of our students and pleased that so many have been able to use their impressive academic performance to help them take the next step on their educational journey.

2018 Key Stage 4 Results Information

  Results including ‘outliers’ (DfE) Results without ‘outliers’ (School)
Attainment 8 48.59 49.71
A8 English 5.07 5.19
A8 Maths 4.71 4.84
A8 Ebacc 4.95 5.06
A8 Open 4.73 4.83
Progress 8 0.10 (adjusted)

  0.06 (unadjusted)

A8 English  - 0.05 (unadjusted) 0.08
A8 Maths 0.06 (unadjusted) 0.18
A8 Ebacc 0.34 (unadjusted) 0.46
A8 Open  - 0.14 (unadjusted) -0.05
Percentage of students attaining 4+ in English and Maths  




Percentage of students attaining 5+ in English and Maths  




% of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate 65% 67%
% achieving grade 4 or above in the English Baccalaureate  




% achieving grade 5 or above in the English Baccalaureate  




GCSE performance remains significantly above national averages for all key measures.  Our Progress 8 and Attainment 8 scores are very close to the scores we secured last academic year (2016/17), which were judged to be significantly above national expectations by the DfE.  To help you see and understand this data we have produced two versions above with a brief explanation of what the two versions mean.

In 2018 we had 6 students who did not attend school in Year 11 and sat no exams, they  have been officially recognised by the DfE as ‘outliers’(statistical anomalies) but remain in our data and affect our published results.  We have therefore calculated the school results with and without these 6 students to give a fairer picture of achievement and progress in 2018 for the students we taught.


2018 Sixth Form Results Information

In 2017-2018 we received an ALPs score of 4 for students following A Level courses which we are delighted with as it continues our upward trend. This means that, on average, students made better than expected progress compared with other similar students.  A number of subjects were judged to have made outstanding progress (within the top 25% of schools/colleges nationally) this includes Economics, Computing, Geography, Physics and some Modern Foreign Languages. Just behind these are Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Art and Drama.

ALPs is an organisation that provide an analysis of data for schools and local authorities. This analysis compares the progress made by students in a given setting (school or college) compared with the progress made by all students nationally.  This analysis provides an overview for the institution as well as a break down, subject by subject within the school or college. Each subject or institution is then awarded a grade (1-9 with 1 being the highest) according to the progress being made.


Results By Year