Student Voice at Imberhorne

Our Student Council for 2020-2021 met for the first time on 10th November to tackle the first few items on their agenda for the year. Trying to organise logistics for them to meet has not been without its difficulties during the Covid restrictions that are in place, but Zoom and some careful planning lent a hand to allow them to get underway as a team. 

The students had to submit an application in the first half of the Autumn term to explain why they feel passionate about being part of our Student Voice Programme and then they were invited to an interview before selection (with the exception of those continuing their post from last year's Student Council)

We present our Student Council - Michael Howell, Risha Panda, Liam Hazell, Ruby Doyle, Tia Gandhi, Lewis Jones, Josephine Field, Brandon Blacker, Chloe Clark, Leia Pearce, Matthew Turner and Chestha Doorga