Drop Everything and Read - DEAR at Imberhorne

Our English department are thrilled to be with our students once again this term and want nothing more than to encourage, support and develop skills in English and literacy. We are really proud to be a school that embraces the importance of reading and the whole staff aim to share their enjoyment of reading with the students in our care. Many parents ask how they can support their child’s reading at home. The best advice our English department give is to maintain the reading habit, finding some time during each day to read is immensely valuable. Reading can be a great way to unwind before going to bed, for example.


Talking about the books you have enjoyed, or articles you’ve read and found interesting is another fantastic way to encourage reading at home. Asking: ‘What was it about the article you found interesting?’ Asking which part of their reading today they really enjoyed, or found amusing, or scary. What was it about the language that caused their reaction? When they finish a book: did it end in the way they expected? Asking why in response to their answers, can help your son/daughter to really reflect on their reading.


Should your child be a reluctant reader - we know it can be more challenging - try encouraging them to listen and follow along to an audio book, or share the reading at home. There are over 273,000 words in the English Language! Asking your son/daughter to keep a glossary of new vocabulary is another excellent way to develop their knowledge and understanding. You can access our recommended reading lists on the school website, and if you have an Instagram account we’d love you to follow dear_imberhorne