Book Spending Spree

Following a grant from the Siobhan Dowd Trust this month we had the exciting task of taking a group of students from Years 8 & 9 to the East Grinstead Bookshop on 8th and 11th of November for a book spending spree!  The grant money enabled the students to choose new books for our school library as well as themselves and enjoy the simple pleasure of visiting a bookshop to make their selections. For almost half the students we took, this was their first ever visit to a bookshop - and we are really pleased that we could give them this opportunity, particularly when reading plays such an important part in our school culture.


Students commented ‘The trip gave me the opportunity to browse books of different genres with the help of staff. It’s given me ideas of other books I think I will enjoy’ and ‘I saw books I could put on my Christmas list!’ 


Thank you to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for helping us to create this wonderful opportunity for our students and for supporting our school.