Imberhorne has a library on each site providing a fantastic range of junior, teen and adult fiction which now includes some on audio CD's.
Students have access to an extensive range of curriculum related titles and non fiction books of general interest, with daily newspapers and magazines available to enjoy.
Imberhorne Lane has a small DVD section and subject related periodicals for AS/A2 subjects.

Students are able to use the libraries before and after school, at break and lunchtime for homework, research or just reading for pleasure. Students in the 6th form use the upper school library in free periods for independent study and learning.

There is always a member of the Library team present to give help and advice. Imberhorne Lane is run by Mrs Smart and Windmill Lane by Mrs MacKintosh with Mrs Schembri working on both sites.

NEW TO THE LIBRARY this year is our exciting new web-based library system, This can be accessed via the student's own log-in to the Imberhorne Intranet.


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  We also sell stationery, please click here for a sample of what we have available.  

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