Imberhorne School Eco Committee has been awarded the Margaret Demidecka Fairtrade Award

The Margaret Demidecka Fairtrade Award was started in 2006 by the Tring Justice and Peace Group and is a competition to judge the best Fairtrade activity in a school and to choose the best school with a Fairtrade awareness and enthusiasum. This year, Imberhorne has won the Secondary school category. The prize was £350, to use to strengthen Fairtrade activities in the school and to put on events in the community. Entries were judged on impact, imagination, educational content and relevance to the theme ("cheap bananas threaten farmers' futures"). Faith Holland, Campaigns Co-ordinator for the Fairtrade Foundation, visited the school on Monday 29th September 2014:

  • Faith Holland, the Fairtrade Foundation's Campaigns Co-ordinator, visited Upper School to give an assembly to the Year 12's and present the trophy and £350 prize to the Imberhorne Fairtrade Steering Group. She spoke to the year group about why Imberhorne had won the Margaret Demidecka Fairtrade Award.

  • She was then taken to lower school, where, with the help of her colleagues and film crew, and Henry Grub, Jonathan Wheadon, Henry McCahon and Lauren Armstrong of the Steering Group, they transformed a class room into a Fairtrade studio. Faith brought bunting and inflatable bananas and cardboard cut-outs of Fairtrade products and together with the poster turned the room into a Fairtrade film set!

  • Selected students from Years 8 & 9 were invited to take part in a Fairtrade workshop, run by Faith. It challenged them to think about what Fairtrade does and what it means to them, and for the rest of the world. This was filmed, and the camera crew asked them to answer the question "what does Fairtrade mean to you?". The video was used for the Fairtrade Foundation's 20th anniversary celebration in London and the finished article can be viewed here. Imberhorne School appears 3:36 in and Steering Group Chairman Henry Grub also voices his opinion at 4:00.


As part of our Eco-School accreditation, students participate in numerous environmental activities, under the guidance and organisation of Mr Rob Langstone, KS3 Science Teacher and Mr Jim Turner, KS4 and Sixth Form Electronics Teacher...

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