Imberlink -  School Fund

We are extremely grateful to each family who donates the suggested £36 to our School Fund via ParentPay. Please email jcooper@imberhorne if you would prefer to pay in installments via a standing order. Tax-payers may kindly gift aid their contribution and enable us to claim extra from HM Revenue & Customs. The use of these funds is overseen by the Governors Finance Committee using the following criteria: It should enhance the learning experience of students at Imberhorne, assist in the provision of things not normally provided by the Local Education Authority and it should be of use to the majority of the school student community. Over the last ten years the fund has provided items that have made a real difference to our students.  Examples include:

  Greenhouse and fruit trees for the Eco-group * Poetry Workshops  * Picnic Benches  *  Wheelbarrows, tools and plants for the gardening club * Netball, football and basketball team kits * Life Skills Workshops  *  PA system to both halls * Instruments for music including Djembe drums, electric guitars and Nord keyboard * Sublimation system and cake printer for technology  *   Outdoor table tennis tables in each key stage for use at break and lunch  *  School minibus * BMX bikes, helmets  *  Disability Awareness Days * Engraved trophies and trophy cabinets *  Programmable real care babies for Health and Social Care * Handheld GPS for Duke of Edinburgh students

We would like to thank you for playing your role in providing these opportunities and helping our students.

How you can help Imberhorne:

Imber 200

Imber 200 is a source of funding for the school that benefits all the members of our school community. It is operated by the ImberExtra sub-committee of the Imberhorne School Governing Body. The more members that join Imber 200, the better our fund raising potential for the school community. We actively encourage and welcome all members of our school community and their families and friends to join Imber 200, there is no need to have students currently on roll. It is a game of chance that will result in financial gain for Imberhorne School and may result in financial gain for the three lucky number holders each month.




Operating Rules

Applicants should request a Standing Order mandate from jcooper [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk and complete a Membership Details form (link on this page). If your details change, please notify the Imber 200 operating team. Every £2 pledge buys you one membership number which will be allocated and entered in the draw each month. There is no limit to the numbers that you can purchase. Individuals or families may hold more than one membership number, but all participants must be over 18 years old. Entry into the draw is delayed by one calendar month, in lieu. This allows for your forms to to be processed at the commencement of your membership of Imber 200, and for one month's entry into the draw after we receive notice in writing that you wish to cease membership. The draw will take place once a month. The prize money available each month will be 51% of the membership money taken that month, hereafter to be known as "the pot".

The prize money from "the pot" will be allocated proportionately as follows:

  • 1st prize (60% of the pot), 2nd prize (25% of the pot), 3rd prize (15% of the pot)

Prizes will be rounded-up to the nearest fifty pence. If you have won you will be informed by telephone and a cheque will be posted to the address that you nominated on Imber 200 form  (Membership Details address). Thank you for supporting Imberhorne School and good luck!

How it works