BBC School Report 2016

We are excited to have taken part in this year's BBC School Report project on 9th March 2016. A team of year 8 & 9 students worked hard to create the news reports below - scripting, filming and editing all in one day!

In this article Alette and Josh explore the information being provided to new voters in the run up to the EU Referendum.

Isla, Natasha, Sophie and Lilly interview Dr Barr and Mr Conroy about the Worth Less campaign.

In this article Aimee and Beatrice examine the decline of books and independent bookshops.

Joe and Ruben interview Ms Morgan about changes to the GCSE grading system.

Georgie, Emma and Emily interview Mr Burn about rugby tackling in schools.

In this article Emily, Georgie and Emma explore the proposed ban on rugby tackling in schools.