BBC School Report 2017

We are excited to have taken part in this year's BBC School Report project, holding our news day on 14th March 2017. A team of year 8 & 10 students worked hard to create the news reports below - scripting, filming and editing all in one day!

Our edited video reports from the day - including the Headscarf ban, the new GCSEs, a second Scottish Referendum, and an interview with The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames MP on Brexit.

A report looking at why people judge each other when in reality your genes make up the majority of your physical features and characteristics.

Emma and Emily find out what the students of Imberhorne thought about quality of teaching, lessons, and life at school.

There has been an ongoing debate about whether children at such young ages should be put under vast amounts of pressure due to the preparation of SATs.

In this article, we asked a local primary their opinions on these tests.

Will Scotland leave? and if so, what current features of the ‘United Kingdom’ will they retain, and what benefits and drawbacks will Scotland experience?

Every year, 600,000 Year 6 pupils across the country take part in Standard Assessment Tests – more commonly abbreviated into SATs. No matter your opinion, these tests are compulsory for every 10-11 year old in the UK, and, although you may not know it, these sneaky SATs have crept down into year 2.