Imberhorne is a large and successful split site comprehensive school in East Grinstead, in the north east corner of West Sussex, very close to the border of Surrey, East Sussex and Kent. Our Lower School site for students in Years 7–9 is on Windmill Lane, on the site of the former East Grinstead Grammar School whilst students in Years 10 and 11 as well as those in our large sixth form are taught at the Upper School site on Imberhorne Lane. 
Imberhorne is a caring, friendly school built on strong relationships and a clear sense of purpose that drives us to do the best we can for every individual.  We believe our students are successful, happy, well rounded individuals who thrive on the challenge and support we provide.

The school is focussed on every student achieving the best they can and realising their full potential.  We aim to provide a curriculum that inspires and motivates, taking time to reflect on how we teach and how students learn most effectively.  We think it is important to establish high expectations and want our students to develop a passion for learning fuelled by an ambition to be as successful as they can be.  We try to ensure our students are both challenged and supported in equal measure whilst recognising they have a responsibility to participate fully in order to maximise their learning.  They must, therefore, be prepared to work hard, set demanding personal targets and have the self belief to meet such expectations.

There is a really strong sense of community within the school.  Staff, students and parents support a wide range of activities and events beyond the curriculum, reflecting the varied opportunities we aim to provide for all students.  Key amongst these are many different arts and sports activities, a significant number of educational trips both within the UK and abroad as well as our very well established Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.  We encourage all students to become active participants in the vibrant wider life of the school believing that such experiences help them develop important life skills and enable them to grow as confident young adults and responsible citizens.

All strong communities rely upon good citizenship.  We expect our students to demonstrate personal responsibility in the way they conduct themselves, showing respect, tolerance and commitment to both staff and their fellow students.  We encourage students to act as leaders, considering how their behaviour and their contributions to the community can inspire and motivate others.  We believe everyone has the potential to show leadership and aim to provide as many opportunities as we can for students to show such skills and capabilities.
Recent inspections have recognised the high academic achievements of students and staff as well as the opportunities provided for social development. Excellent community links, the school’s strong and purposeful management and the caring ethos have all been highlighted by inspectors. We are particularly proud of a comment in the 2010 Ofsted inspection report (where the school was judged to be outstanding) which seems to sum up what we are trying to achieve,

The focus on individual ambition and independent learning for each student is emphasised from Year 7 onwards. It equips them with the best possible social and academic skills necessary for them to meet the challenges of life after school’.

More information about the school can be found by downloading the Prospectus and further information booklet in the 'About us' menu on this website or by browsing the various pages of our site which will give a flavour of the range of activities that our students get involved in and the many talents they have.

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The values that underpin our curriculum and inform our planning and teaching are as follows:

The curriculum at Imberhorne

• strengthens our students' literacy and numeracy skills and knowledge

• inspires our students and fosters a sense of passion for learning

• takes them out of their comfort zones, is challenging and helps them become resilient learners

• is based on developing a broad knowledge base as well as skills, attitudes and values

• provides opportunities to link knowledge and skills to the world around them and to understand the importance of context and diversity

• helps students become independent learners

• helps students to be effective communicators

• develops students ability to collaborate and work in teams



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